Strategies in Tissue Engineering (WITE), Würzburg

Teilnehmer der Strategies in Tissue Engineering Konferenz

Almost everyone at our Institute (image right) attended the 3rd International Conference on “Strategies in Tissue Engineering“, held in Würzburg (Germany), on May 23-25, 2012.
At this conference, Professor Boccaccini (image left) organised the symposium on “Biomaterials for Regenerative Medicine“, which attracted 12 contributed presentations, 4 keynote lectures, and numerous posters. The complete program is available here.
Several contributions came from our Institute, including those of Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Hoppe, Dr. Ranjana Rai and Dr. Rainer Detsch who gave oral presentations. Posters were presented by Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Hoppe, Dipl.-Ing. Jasmin Hum, Dipl.-Ing. Sigrid Seuss and Dr.-Ing. Rainer Detsch. Dr. Julia Will and Prof. Boccaccini served as members of the organising committee.