Doctoral thesis success: Preethi Balasubramanian

Doktorverteidigung Preethi Balasubramanian

On 30th August 2016 Preethi Balasubramanian successfully defended her doctoral thesis in the field of bioactive glass scaffolds for bone tissue engineering, which was carried out under the supervision of Professor Aldo R. Boccaccini at our Institute. In addition to Prof. Boccaccini, Prof. Jerome Chevalier (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon Laboratory of Materials: Engineering and Science (MATEIS), Prof. Nicolas Vogel (Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, FAU), and Prof. Erik Bitzek (Chair for General Materials Science, FAU), were the members of the doctoral defense committee. Preethi developed new compositions of bioactive glasses incorporating Boron and establish several methods to modify the surface of 3D scaffolds made from bioactive glasses with different B content, as remarked by Prof. Boccaccini. Preethi carried out her research activities in the framework of the EU ITN project BioBone. In addition to the research articles published from the results of her thesis (for example [1]), Preethi co-authored a comprehensive review paper on Zn-containing bioactive glasses, published in Biomedical Glasses [2]. We congratulate Preethi on her success.

[1] Balasubramanian, P., et al., Ion Release, Hydroxyapatite Conversion, and Cytotoxicity of Boron-Containing Bioactive Glass Scaffolds, Int. J. Appl. Glass Sci., 7 (2016) 206–215.

[2] Balasubramanian, P., et al., Zinc-containing bioactive glasses for bone regeneration, dental and orthopedic applications, Biomed. Glasses 1 (2015) 51-69.
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