Boyang Xu

Boyang Xu

Master student

Biocompatible and mechanical robust 3D printed ADA-GEL scaffolds loaded with phytochemicals and naturally derived substances for skin tissue engineering applications


Supervisors: Memoona Akhtar, Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini

ADA-GEL is the combination of alginate di-aldehyde and gelatin, which gains high biocompatibility, adjustable biodegradability and low production cost [1]. Natural products including plant-derived extracts (phytochemicals) and naturally derived substances are important alternative medicines, which are safe and effective [2]. The aim of this study is to design a biocompatible and robust ADA-GEL scaffold for skin tissue engineering which is loaded with natural compounds, in relation with previous recent research in our Institute [3] Related properties will be tested, including biocompatibility, mechanical properties, drug-release kinetic, etc.

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