Clara Froidevaux

Clara Froidevaux

Former master student

Biofabrication of ADA-GEL based scaffolds with mesoporous bioactive glass nanoparticles for tissue engineering


Supervisors: Hsuan-Heng Lu, Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini

The goal of this Master thesis is to fabricate hydrogel composite scaffolds mimicking the extracellular matrix using bioprinting technique. The printing parameters will be optimized to achieve controlled pore sizes and favorable architectures of the printed structures. Alginate di-aldehyde (ADA) is chosen as the hydrogel base for the scaffolds thanks to its properties to resemble the extracellular matrix due to tunable crosslinking properties, swelling behavior and good biocompatibility [1]. Different concentrations of mesoporous bioactive glass nanoparticles (MBGNs) of different composition will be added to the hydrogel prior to the printing process to enhance the mechanichical properties and bioactivity of the final constructs.

[1] S. Reakasame, A. R. Boccaccini, “Oxidized Alginate-Based Hydrogels for Tissue Engineering Applications: A Review”, Biomacromolecules, 19, 3-21, 2018.