Clara Froidevaux

Clara Froidevaux

Bachelor Student

Development of a cardiac patch with defined porous structure and tailored mechanical properties


Betreuer: Florian Ruther, Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Aldo R. Boccaccini

The aim of this thesis is to fabricate and characterize a conductive polymer based scaffold suitable for heart tissue engineering applications in the form of a cardiac patch [1]. The project will be focused on the development of a defined porous structure in a biodegradable polymer to achieve a layered system able to mimic the mechanical properties of the heart in addition to exhibiting electrical conductivity. Electrical conductive fiber mats will be fabricated via electrospinning. The novel scaffolds will be then analyzed regarding their mechanical, conductive and biomimetic properties.

[1] QZ Chen, SE Harding, NN Ali, AR Lyon, AR Boccaccini, Biomaterials in cardiac tissue engineering: ten years of research survey, Materials Science and Engineering: R: Reports 59 (1) (2008), 1-37