Corina-Elena Clejanu

Corina-Elena Clejanu

Bachelor Studentin

Investigation on the spinnability of different biopolymer-PANi combinations

Betreuer: Florian Ruther, Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini

This study will focus on the investigation of the electrical conductivity and mechanical properties of combinations of biodedradable polymers and polyaniline (PANi) intended for applications in cardiac tissue engineering [1]. The main purpose of a cardiac patch is to mimic the properties of myocardial tissue. In particular, considering the known effects of myocardial cells on electrical stimulation, electrical conductive mats will be fabricated via electrospinning. Therefore, the novel fiber scaffolds will be analyzed regarding their mechanical, conductive and biomimetic properties.


[1] QZ Chen, SE Harding, NN Ali, AR Lyon, AR Boccaccini, Biomaterials in cardiac tissue engineering: ten years of research survey, Materials Science and Engineering: R: Reports 59 (1) (2008), 1-37.