Eva Dudnik

Eva Dudnik

Bachelor student (Life Science Engineering)

Tailoring of material properties and printability of micro capsule pre crosslinked alginate-based bioinks


Supervisors:  Jonas Roeder, Prof. Dr. Aldo Boccaccini,

The alginate dialdehyde-gelatin (ADA-GEL) hydrogel is widely employed for bioprinting applications in laboratories globally. However, inherent limitations within the ADA-GEL structure, notably some constrained printability and shape fidelity, pose challenges for fabricating intricate bioprinted structures [1]. In response to these challenges, microcapsules have been introduced, encompassing calcium-crosslinked ADA to enhance the performance of the ADA-GEL hydrogel. This Bachelor thesis endeavors to optimize the material properties and printability of these microcapsules through precise adjustments in polymer concentration and calcium concentration.

[1] J. Hazur et. al., Pre-Crosslinking with Hydrogel Microparticles Enhances the Printability of Alginate-Based Inks, Macromol. Mater. Eng. 2023, 2200675.