Prof. Dr.-Ing. Helga Hornberger

Prof. Dr. Helga Hornberger

Research Interests

 A significant current research interest is the development of biomaterials for dental products, e.g. zirconium oxide and ceramic-like coatings onto titanium alloy surfaces. The focus is thereby the investigation of layered systems exposured to corrosive environments and to mechanical stresses. Further research work is ongoing in the field of magnesium alloys, e.g. the development and production of new biocompatible alloys including the characterization of their degradation behavior. Factors as microstructure, textures, electrolyte composition are studied, and beside microstructural characterization the local damage caused by corrosion and mechanical deformation is being investigated.


Phase: 2010 – 2012 (Post Doc)

Topic / Representative publications:

Functional Coatings on orthopedic implants