Helly Atiya

Helly Atiya

Master Student

 Characterization of Traction Forces on Tumor-Like Scaffolds Made of Soft Hydrogels


Betreuer: Dr. Aldo Leal-Egaña, Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini

Cell migration plays a major role in cancer invasion and metastasis. During migration, cancer cells generate mechanical forces to adhere and move. Mimicking the extra cellular matrix of cancer milieus provides a reliable in-vitro platform to allow biophysical characterization of cancer cells and their metastatic potential [1, 2]. This project will focus on studying the movement of tumoral cells on soft micro-patterned hydrogels. The project is conducted in collaboration with Dr. Martial Balland (Grenoble, France) and Dr. Sebastian Harlepp (Strasbourg, France).


[1] Doyle AD, Wang FW, Matsumoto K, Yamada KM. One-dimensional topography underlies three dimensional fibrillar cell migration. J. Cell Biol. 2009; 184:481-490J. Cell Biol. 2009; 184:481-490


[2] Leal-Egaña A, Letort G, Martiel JL, Christ A, Vignaud T, Roelants C, Filhol O, Théry M. The size-speed-force relationship governs migratory cell response to tumorigenic factors. Mol Biol Cell. 2017; 28:1612-1621.