James Ziemah

James Ziemah

Gast Master Student, Universität Bremen 2018, Deutschland

Synthesis, Design and processing of highly ordered mesoporous bioactive glass for drug delivery systems

Betreuer (Erlangen): Francesca Ciraldo, Prof. Dr.-Ing.habil. Aldo R. Boccaccini
Betreuer (Bremen): Prof. Dr. Marcus Bäumer

 Ordered mesoporous bioactive glasses (MBGs) have become widely researched in recent years for various fields of application ranging from catalysis to biomedical application. MBGs are highly promising materials based on their ordered pore network, large surface area and large pore volume. MBGs have attractive properties such as bioactivity, osteoconductivity and biocompatibility, being thus excellent candidates for biomedical applications. In this research, highly ordered MBGs with the composition SiO2-P2O5-CaO-X will be synthesized using sol-gel technique coupled with supramolecular chemistry method (EISA process). Specific metallic ions will be incorporated during the synthesis process to impart antibacterial activity. Furthermore the ordered porosity (2 nm – 50 nm) of MBGs will be exploited to incorporate drug molecules. The metal ions and the drug will confer to the MBGs a multifunctional capability enhancing their applicability in hard and soft tissue engineering [1-3].

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