Jennifer Hermann Muñoz

Jennifer Hermann Muñoz

Former external PhD

Cinvestav Querétaro, Mexiko


Biocompatible Composites with Multifunctional Properties Based on Bioactive Glass and Bovine-Derived Hydroxyapatite

Betreuer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Aldo R. Boccaccini, Dr.-Ing. Juan Muñoz Saldaña (Cinvestav Querétaro)


From the physiological point of view, the process of bone regeneration is driven by the streaming potential as well as piezoelectric phenomena as a result of the collagen fibers movement. These facts must be considered for the design of biomaterials for bone replacement/regeneration in order to ensure adequate biocompatibility of the implant and hence faster patient recovery [1]. In this sense, the study and development of novel materials that can mimic the bone regeneration process represents a huge opportunity to positively impact the field of bone tissue engineering. In this work, a study of the mechanical, electrical, physicochemical and biological properties of a quasi-ternary system composed by bioactive materials (bioactive glass, BG, and bovine-derived hydroxyapatite, HAp) and functional ceramics is proposed. The main motivation is to find a synergistic combination of the HAp osteoconductivity, BG osteoinductivity and piezoelectric properties to enhance the performance of implantable devices. The research is carried out in the framework of a collaborative project between CINVESTAV Querétaro, Mexico and the FAU Institute of Biomaterials.