Jiahui Wang

Jiahui Wang

Master student

Surface-modified PEEK/MBGN composite for biomedical application


Supervisors: Zhiyan Xu, Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini

Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) is a linear, aromatic, thermoplastic, semicrystalline material [1]. PEEK has been widely researched for applications in bone implantations due to its biocompatibility, chemical stability, wear resistance, and normal human bone-liked elastic modulus. However, PEEK is bioinert [2], which hinders its further development in biomedical applications. Therefore, it has become one of the challenges in the field of biomaterials to improve the bioactivity of PEEK and to accelerate its integration with bone after implantation. Mesoporous bioactive glass nanoparticles (MBGNs) have a large surface area and can provide enhanced bioactivity [3]. They are usually incorporated into biopolymers as fillers, forming composites. Organice coatings, loaded with copper ions by chelation, can impart bio functionalities to PEEK/MBGN composites, e.g., antibacterial activity and angiogenesis [4]. In this thesis, PEEK/MBGN composites will be fabricated and modified with polydopamine-copper coating. The resulted composites will be characterized in terms of chemical composition and physical structure. The degradation property, bioactivity, antibacterial activity, and cytocompatibility will be studied.

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