Kevin Becker

Kevin Becker

Master student

Effect of bioactive glass nanoparticles on the physico-chemical and biological properties of ADA-GEL composite bioinks


Supervisors: Susanne Heid, Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini

3D bioprinting has emerged as a valuable tool to fabricate hydrogel scaffolds for tissue engineering. It offers the possibility to produce individually shaped tissue replacement while encapsulating living cells inside the polymeric hydrogel matrix [1]. Alginate dialdehyde (ADA) in combination with gelatin (GEL) is a popular hydrogel system printable by extrusion-based technique and is frequently used in bone tissue engineering incorporating bioactive, reinforcing inorganic filler compounds such as 45S5 bioglass (BG) [2]. The addition of inorganic fillers to hydrogels is also beneficial for applications in soft tissue regeneration although there has been more limited work in this case [2, 3]. The aim of this project is to analyze the effect of bioactive glass nanofillers on ADA-GEL composite hydrogels for soft tissue engineering. The optimal ADA-GEL ratio for cell mobility, the impact of specific ion release by the nanofiller on the physico-chemical properties, pH as well as on cell viability will be analyzed. The 3D bioprinting performance will be characterized by rheological measurements and printability tests. Furthermore, the significance of time-dependent post-crosslinking due to ion release will be evaluated and fluorescence microscopy imaging will be utilized to investigate the cell viability.

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