Lilong Wu

Lilong Wu

Master student

Pre-crosslinked Alginate-based Bioinks blended with Matrix Proteins for 3D-biofabrication

Supervisors: Jonas Röder, Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini

Alginate, a type of polysaccharide extracted from algae, can be oxidized and crosslinked by CaCl2. Combined with gelatin it can be printed as alginate dialdehyde-gelatin (ADA-gel) hydrogel, which possesses many favorable properties, such as excellent biocompatibility, ease of gelation, high tunability and structural similarity to extracellular matrix (ECM) in human body [1]. Thus, ADA-gel hydrogels are attractive for applications in drug delivery, cell encapsulation, wound healing, and many other medical fields [2]. The introduction of ADA hydrogel microparticles (HMPs) as pre-crosslinking agent has demonstrated its feasibility for tailoring the rheological properties of ADA-gel, in order to enhance its shape fidelity and 3D-printability [3]. However, further modifications are still necessary to enhance the cell attachment, spreading and proliferation inside the hydrogel network. This master thesis aims to optimize cell behavior inside the ADA-gel hydrogel network by incorporation of biomolecules on the premise of maintaining its printability and shape fidelity by pre-crosslinking. Studies on rheological and mechanical properties, degradation kinetics, and cell response of pre-crosslinked ADA-gel based multimaterial hydrogels will be investigated.

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