Michael Höhlinger

Michael Höhlinger


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Characterisation of bioactive coatings deposited by EPD on Mg alloys

Hauptbetreuer: Prof. Sanna Virtannen (WW4-LKO)

Mitbetreuer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Aldo R. Boccaccini

Forschungsmitarbeiter: Dr. Helga Hornberger, Prof. Frank Witte (Charité, Berlin)

Mg and Mg-alloys exhibit a set of properties which makes them very interesting candidates for temporary biomedical implants. A major issue to overcome for Mg-alloys in the biomedical field is the hydrogen evolution and pH increase during corrosion processes. To improve the dependability of these potential implant materials, a better understanding of the corrosion processes is necessary. These processes will be analyzed in the current research, considering aspects such as the influence of the biological corrosion environment, the application of coatings and existing interfaces. In the literature several studies focused on finding different coatings for magnesium substrates in order to tailor the degradation properties [1]. Yet, there is no specific model established which sufficiently describes the fundamental bonding mechanisms between the coating and the Mg-substrate. Therefore it is one aim of the ongoing research to get deeper insights into the adhesion forces and to improve the adhesion of the coating to the substrate. The project is a DFG funded effort in collaboration with Prof. S. Virtanen (Lehrstuhl für Korrosion und Oberflächentechnik), Dr. H. Hornberger (Lehrstuhl für Biomaterialien und Lehrstuhl für Korrosion und Oberflächentechnik) and Prof. F. Witte (Charité, Berlin).

[1] H. Hornberger, S. Virtanen, A.R. Boccaccini, Biomedical coatings on magnesium alloys – A review, Acta Biomaterialia 8 (2012) 2442-2455.