MinJoo Kim

MinJoo Kim

Former master student

Bovine serum albumin-modified 3D printed alginate dialdehyde-gelatin scaffolds incorporating inorganic nanoparticles for bone regeneration


Supervisors: Dr. Farnaz Ghorbani, Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini

Developing multi-material scaffolds that combine 3D printing technology and surface modification is crucial to achieving an efficient bone regeneration process. The objective of this master thesis is to develop bi-layer scaffolds by incorporating polydopamine [1] and silicate nanoparticle [2] complexes into 3D printed alginate dialdehyde-gelatin scaffolds [3], as well as functionalising the surface with a thin layer of bovine serum albumin [4]. Polydopamine and inorganic nanoparticles are expected to synergistically affect the scaffold’s bioactivity and osteogenic performance and improve their mechanical stability. Additionally, surface coating with protein is expected to regulate the system’s thermodynamic behaviour and facilitate tissue-scaffold interaction.

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