Moritz Gerlich

Moritz Gerlich

Bachelor Student

Production and characterization of organic-inorganic composite scaffolds for wound healing applications

Betreuer: Katharina Schuhladen, Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini

The characteristics of bioactive glasses make them interesting biomaterials, next to bone regeneration, for wound healing applications [1]. This bachelor thesis will focus on the production and characterization of natural polymer based scaffolds containing bioactive glass particles of novel chemical composition.
The scaffolds will be fabricated by freeze drying. The fabrication parameters as well as the mechanical, chemical and biological characteristics of the manufactured scaffolds will be investigated to determine the suitability for further usage in wound healing applications.

[1] Miguez-Pacheco, V., et al., Bioactive glasses beyond bone and teeth: emerging applications in contact with soft tissues,  Acta Biomater. 13 (2015) 1-15.