Sihui Ouyang

Sihui Ouyang

Visiting PhD student from State Key Lab of Powder Metallurgy, Central South University, P. R. China)

Surface modification of powder metallurgical Ti-Mg metal-metal composites for orthopedic application


Supervisor: Muhammad Asim Akhtar, Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini

Ti-Mg metal-metal composites (MMCs) with low Young’s modulus and stable mechanical properties are promising materials in orthopedic applications. This project involves the coating of Ti-Mg metal-metal composites with the natural polymer chitosan incorporating inorganic particles by using electrophoretic deposition (EPD), applying a technology previously developed at the FAU Institute of Biomaterials [1]. The aim is to endow Ti-Mg MMCs with multifunctionality to improve their biomedical performance. Coated Ti-Mg MMCs should exhibit tailored degradability, good bioactivity, drug delivery capability and bone-forming effects. The feasibility of EPD for coating Ti-Mg substrates for potential applications as permanent bone implants, and whether or not the achieved coatings can be successfully transferred onto the remaining Ti scaffolds, obtained from Ti-Mg MMCs, will be investigated. The electrochemical performance, drug delivery capability, bioactive and antibacterial properties will be measured. The project is carried out in collaboration with the research group of Prof. Yong Liu , State Key Lab of Powder Metallurgy, Central South University,P. R. China.

[1] Heise, S., et al., Electrophoretic deposition and characterization of chitosan/bioactive glass composite coatings on Mg alloy substrates, Electrochimica Acta 232 (2017) 456-464_.