Sindhoori Ramesh

Sindhoori Ramesh

Bachelor student

Synthesis and characterization of Ag/Sr co-doped mesoporous bioactive glass nanoparticles


Supervisors: Qaisar Nawaz, Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini

Mesoporous bioactive glass nanoparticles (MBGNs) show favorable properties such as a high specific surface area, large pore volume and uniform pore size. These MBGNs can be doped with metal ions such as silver (Ag) to improve their therapeutic effects such as silver [1]. Ag-doped nanoparticles are known for their antibacterial and proangiogenic properties, which is beneficial for bone regeneration and other biomedical applications. In this project the cytotoxic effect of silver is addressed by co-doping with Strontium (Sr) following protocols established at the Institute of Biomaterials [1,2]. The sol-gel approach will be used to synthesize Ag/Sr co-doped MBGNs and the synthesized MBGNs will be characterized in terms of their physiochemical and biological properties.

[1] Zheng et al, Toward Highly Dispersed Mesoporous Bioactive Glass Nanoparticles with High Cu Concentration using Cu/Ascorbic Acid Complex as Precursor, Frontiers in Chemistry, 2019, 7, 479.

[2] Kozon et al, Synthesis of Monodispersed Ag-Doped Bioactive Glass Nanoparticles via Surface Modification, Materials, 2016, 9, 225.