Svenja Heise

Svenja Heise

Cauerstraße 6



Development of advanced biodegradable and bioactive coatings for Mg alloys

Mg and Mg-alloys are promising temporary implants due to their outstanding combination of good mechanical properties, biocompatibility and degradability in the human body. The benefit of such a materials is huge, as no second operation for the removal of the implant is needed. The main problem for the application of Mg and Mg-alloys in the biomedical field is, however, the excessive corrosion these materials exhibit, combined with an increase of pH and the formation of hydrogen. Application of coatings is a convenient approach to tackle this problem [1]. The objective of this research is the development of a bioadaptive coating system on Mg-alloys. The top layer of the coating system will be a polymer-inorganic phase composite. The interaction of the layers with the electrolyte, proteins and cells will be investigated and the effect of the coatings on the corrosion process, including the adhesion to the substrates, will be analysed. The project is a DFG funded effort in collaboration with Prof. S. Virtanen (Institute of Surface Science and Corrosion),  Dr. H. Hornberger (Institute of Biomaterials and Institute of Surface Science and Corrosion) and Prof. F. Witte (Charite, Berlin)