Tuba Aydemir

Tuba Aydemir

Master Studentin

Dual bioactive and antibacterial coatings by spray and electrophoretic deposition for orthopedic applications

Betreuer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Josefina Ballarre, Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Aldo R. Boccaccini

Metals are used in numerous orthopedic applications, whether as fixation elements for the stabilization of fractures or as prostheses. However, complications often occur due to infection or lack of effective interaction between the material and its surrounding environment [1]. This project aims to develop a solution to tackle these problems for temporary stainless steel implants with a bi-layered coating system. For this purpose, the metal substrate is first coated with an hybrid sprayed sol-gel layer [2], which will act both as a barrier against corrosion and as a connection to the second layer. The outer part of the dual coating is a biopolymer/silica-antibiotic composite coating applied by electrophoretic deposition (EPD) to provide bioactive as well as antibacterial properties [1]. Afterwards several methods will be performed for surface characterization and bioactivity studies. Furthermore different processing parameters will be investigated in relation to the bacterial inhibition capability of the coatings.

[1] Pishbin, F., Mourino, V.,  Flor, S., Kreppel, S., Salih, V., Ryan, M.P., Boccaccini A. R. (2014). Electrophoretic Deposition of Gentamicin- Loaded Bioactive Glass/Chitosan Composite Coatings for Orthopaedic Implants. ACS Applied Materials Interfaces, 6, 8796-8806.

[2] Omar, S. A., Bouchet, A., Pellice, S., Ballarin, V., Cere, S.M., Ballarre, J., PastoreJ. I. (2014). Optimization of New SprayTechnique for Hybrid Sol-gel Coatings for Biotechnological Purposes: Preliminary Deposition Study. Latin American Congress on Biomedical Engineering CLAIB 2014, 445-448