Vincent Weidemann

Vincent Weidemann

Bachelor Student

Antibacterial and bioactive properties of chitosan-based composite coatings deposited by electrophoretic deposition

Betreuer: M. Sc. Muhammad Maqbool, M.Sc. Muhammad Atiq Ur Rehman, Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Aldo R. Boccaccini

Implanted biomedical devices reside within millions of patients in the United States alone, and are being involved in millions of new and revisionary surgeries every year. Despite the intensive research efforts in improving the biomedical properties of implanted devices still the risk of infections prevails, which may lead to the premature failure of implants. This project focuses on producing bioactive and antibacterial coatings based on chitosan/HA composites deposited by electrophoretic deposition [1]. During this project the process and suspension related parameters will be optimized in terms of morphology and composition of the deposited mass by applying Taguchi design of experiment approach [2]. Optimized coatings will be characterized in terms of bioactivity, antibacterial effect and in vitro cellular studies.

[1] Boccaccini, A. R.; Keim, S.; Ma, R.; Li, Y.; Zhitomirsky, I. (2010): Electrophoretic deposition of biomaterials. In: Journal of the Royal Society, Interface 7 Suppl 5, S581-613.

[2] Roy, Ranjit K. (2001): Design of experiments using the Taguchi approach. 16 steps to product and process improvement. New York: Wiley.