Doctoral thesis success: Yuyun Yang

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On 23rd March 2017 Yuyun Yang successfully defended her doctoral thesis in the field of bioactive and protective composite coatings on Mg substrates, which was carried out under the supervision of Professor Aldo R. Boccaccini at our Institute in close collaboration with Prof. Sanna Virtanen (Chair for Surface Science and Corrosion). In addition to Prof. Boccaccini and Prof. Virtanen, Prof. Wolfgang Goldmann (Biophysics Group, FAU), and Prof. Dirk Schubert (Institute for Polymer Materials, FAU), were the members of the doctoral defense committee. Prof. Boccaccini highlighted Yuyun’s challenging research project, the first comprehensive research effort in our institute focused on developing advanced coating systems for Mg substrates, which should exhibit functionalities such as bioactivity, antibacterial effect and corrosion protection, being relevant for a variety of biomedical applications in orthopedics and cardiovascular devices. Yuyun was recipient of a scholarship of the China Scholarship Council (CSC) and during the period of her doctoral studies she collaborated strongly with the research group of Prof. Virtanen. Yuyun received the 2015 Frans Habraken Best Paper Award of the journal Appl. Surf. Sci. for her paper: “In vitro study of polycaprolactone/bioactive glass composite coatings on corrosion and bioactivity of pure Mg” (Applied Surface Science, Volume 355, 2015, 832-841). Other papers resulting from Yuyun’s doctoral thesis are in advanced stage of preparation. We congratulate Yuyun on achieving her doctoral degree and wish her all the best in her future career.