Prof. Boccaccini visited National Univ. of Technology (UTN) FR San Rafael, Argentina

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On 19th April 2017, Prof. Boccaccini visited research laboratories at National Univ. of Technology (UTN) FR San Rafael, Argentina, where he held meetings to discuss the establishment of new research collaborations in the field of nanomaterials with our Institute. He visited the research group on Complex Systems (SICO) led by Prof. Dr. Fabricio O. Sanchez Varretti. Prof. Boccaccini also visited the laboratory for research on stable isotopes, led by Dr. Adolfo Gil. In the photos: Prof. Boccaccini with Prof. Paola Torres, Ms Gisela Quiroga, Mr Javier Juri, Mr Ignacio García and Prof. Dr. Sanchez Varretti. In the second photo, Prof. Boccaccini with Dr. Adolfo Gil, Ms Gisela Quiroga, Mr Marcos Sarome and Mr Armando Dauverne.