Prof. Boccaccini: plenary speaker at DKG conference

Prof. Boccaccini was one of the plenary speakers at the Annual Meeting of the German Ceramics Society held in Nuremberg on 05. – 07. March 2012.
He presented a lecture on “Bioceramics in Medical Applications”. At the same conference, Sigrid Seuss presented the talk “Electrophoretic deposition of inorganic materials in AC EPD conditions from aqueous suspensions”. Prof. Boccaccini also gave a talk on “Cu-containing bioactive glass scaffolds for bone tissue engineering” based on research carried out by Alexander Hoppe in collaboration with the University Hospital Erlangen (D. Hiller, U. Kneser) and the Institute of Glass and Ceramics (R. Meszaros, L. Wondraczek). A Poster entitled “Development of nanoscale bioactive glass powder by mechanical milling” in collaboration with C. Eisermann, S. Romeis and W. Peukert of the Institute of Particle Technology, was also presented.tiert.