Visit of Dr Katerina Aifantis

Dr. Katerina Aifantis von der Aristotle Universität, Griechenland, besuchte unseren Lehrstuhl

Dr Katerina Aifantis visited our Insitute on 17.1.2013. Dr Aifantis holds an ERC Starting Grant 211166 for studying the mechanical behavior of materials as they transition from the micro to the nanoscale with applications in bio-engineering and Li-ion batteries. The majority of the grant research is carried out at the Lab of Mechanics and Materials at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. Our Institute collaborates with Dr Aifantis in the field of nanomechanics of soft matrices for tissue engineering, which follows previous research of Dr Aifantis and collaborators in this field [1]. (Click image to enlarge)
[1] Koufaki N., et al., Biofabrication 3, 045004, 2011.