BioMat paper No. 100

The recent paper in the journal Tissue Engineering “C”, the result of a successful collaboration with the group of Prof. R. Horch, Prof. U. Kneser (now Univ. of Heidelberg) and Dr A. Arkudas (Department of Plastic and Hand Surgery, University of Erlangen Medical Center, Erlangen), Prof. P. Greil and Dr. T. Fey (Ceramics and Glass Institute, Erlangen) and Ms P. Newby (PhD student, Imperial College London) was the publication No. 100 of our Institute since its establishment on 1st October 2009:

Arkudas, A., Balzer, A., Buehrer, G, Arnold, I., Hoppe, A., Detsch, R., Newby, P., Fey, T., Greil, P., Horch, R. E., Boccaccini, A. R., Kneser, U., Evaluation of angiogenesis of bioactive glass in the AV loop model, Tissue Eng. Part C: Methods 19 (2013) 479-486.