Visit from Madrid

Prof. Jose S. Moya und Dr. Leticia Esteban-Tejeda zu Besuch an unserem Lehrstuhl

Prof. Jose S. Moya and Dr. Leticia Esteban-Tejeda of the Institute of Materials Science of Madrid, Spain, visited our Institute earlier this month. Prof. Moya was an invited speaker at the GLACERCO workshop organised by Prof. Boccaccini in Erlangen on 8-9 October 2013. We are collaborating with Prof. Moya’s group in the field of bioactive glasses with antibacterial functionality, e.g. [1]
[1]  Belén Cabal, Francisco Malpartida, Ramón Torrecillas, Alexander Hoppe, Aldo R. Boccaccini and J. Serafín Moya,The Development of Bioactive Glass-Ceramic Substrates with Biocide Activity, Advanced Engineering Materials 13 (2011) B462–B466. (Click image to enlarge)