Special Issue in “Bioinspired, Biomimetic and Nanobiomaterials” published

The special issue on the Biomaterials Topic (MSE Conference, Darmstadt, 25-27 September 2012) in the journal “Bioinspired, Biomimetic and Nanobiomaterials“, with Prof. A. R. Boccaccini and Prof. K. D. Jandt (University of Jena) as guest editors, has been published.
The special issue contains a selection of papers contributed by authors who presented at the Biomaterials Topic at the MSE Conference held in Darmstadt, Germany, on 25-27 September 2012. The articles focus on diverse aspects of the development, properties and applications of biomaterials covering a wide range of fields, from surface functionalisation strategies, cell-material interactions, drug delivery systems, biotemplating and biomimetic approaches.
The special issue contains the paper in collaboration with the group of Dr Ipsita Roy (University of Westminster):
Basnett, P. et al., Aspirin-loaded P(3HO)/P(3HB) blend films: potential materials for biodegradable drug-eluting stents, Bioinspired, Biomimetic and Nanobiomaterials 2 (2013) 141 –153.