Doctoral thesis success

Alexander Hoppe mit seinem Doktorhut

On 14th July 2014 Alexander Hoppe successfully defended his doctoral thesis entitled: “Bioactive glass derived scaffolds with therapeutic ion releasing capability for bone tissue engineering”, carried out under supervision of Professor Aldo R. Boccaccini at our Institute. Alexander is the third PhD student graduated from the Erlangen Institute of Biomaterials, which is celebrating this year the 5th Anniversary of its establishment in 2009. Professor Boccaccini highlighted that Alexander has been a “key player” during the last years, contributing superbly to the exablishing of the new Institute since 2009, specially designing the laboratories, recommending the purchase of new equipment and helping with the training other young researchers. Alexander was also involved in numerous international collaborations, including with McGill University (Canada), Rudjer Boskovic Institute (Croatia), University of Buenos Aires (Argentina), University of Belgrade (Serbia), Clermont Université, Université Blaise Pascal (France) and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece). Alexander is the leading author of the review paper: “A review of the biological response to ionic dissolution products from bioactive glasses and glass-ceramics”, A Hoppe, NS Güldal, AR Boccaccini, Biomaterials 32 (11), 2757-2774” which has received more than 300 citations to date (Google Scholar). Two of the 18 research articles already published by Alexander are listed below. We congratulate Alexander on this achievement and wish him good luck in his post-doctoral career.

[1] A. Hoppe et al., In vitro reactivity of Cu doped 45S5 Bioglass® derived scaffolds for bone tissue engineering, Journal of Materials Chemistry B 1 (41), 5659-5674

[2] A. Hoppe et al., Cobalt-Releasing 1393 Bioactive Glass-Derived Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering Applications, ACS applied materials & interfaces 6 (4), 2865-2877.