MSE 2014 conference in Darmstadt

Prof. Boccaccini und weitere Studenten

Our Institute was well represented at the Materials Science and Engineering 2014 conference (MSE 2014) held in Darmstadt, Germany on 23-25 September 2014. Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini was a member of the organizing committee and he organized and chaired the symposium “Biomaterials Applications”. He also presented the lecture: “Advances in the Development of Metal Ion Containing Bioactive Glasses for Bone Tissue Engineering Applications”. PhD students T. Zehnder and E. Boccardi presented an oral presentation and a poster, respectively. Ms C. Thomas (PhD student at University of Westminster, UK, co-supervised by Dr. I Roy and Prof. A. R. Boccaccini) gave an oral presentation in the session “Materials for bone tissue regeneration”. Other participants were PhD students G. Rella, L. Cordero-Arias and visiting PhD student V. Macias. (Click images to enlarge)