Doctoral thesis success

Das Verteidigungskommittee

On 22nd July 2015 Bapi Sarker successfully defended his doctoral thesis entitled: “Advanced Hydrogels Concepts Based on Combinations of Alginate, Gelatin and Bioactive Glasses for Tissue Engineering”, carried out under supervision of Professor Aldo R. Boccaccini at our Institute. In addition of Prof. Boccaccini, Prof. T. Scheibel (Chair of Biomaterials, Univ. of Bayreuth), Prof. O. Friedrich (Chair of Medical Biotechnology, FAU) and Prof. P. Wellmann (Department of Materials Science and Engineering, FAU) were the members of the doctoral defense committee. Bapi was the recipient of a DAAD doctoral fellowship. He is the fourth PhD student graduating from the Erlangen Institute of Biomaterials, since its establishment in 2009. Professor Boccaccini highlighted Bapi’s contribution to the initiation of the research field “Biofabrication” in our Institute under mentorship of Dr. R. Detsch and with funding from the Emerging Fields Initiative (EFI) of the University in the context of the project TOPbiomat  coordinated by Prof. Boccaccini. Two of the 11 articles published by Bapi as result of his research activities at the Institute of Biomaterials are listed below. We congratulate Bapi on this achievement and wish him good luck in his post-doctoral career. (Click images to enlarge)

[1] Bapi Sarker, et al. Fabrication of alginate-gelatin crosslinked hydrogel microcapsules and evaluation of the microstructure and physico-chemical properties. J. Mater. Chem. B, 2(11), 1470-1482, 2014.

[2] Bapi Sarker, et al. Evaluation of fibroblasts adhesion and proliferation on alginate-gelatin crosslinked hydrogel. PLoS One; 9(9), e107952, 2014.