Special Issue to honor Prof. Larry L. Hench published in Int. J. Appl. Glass Sci.

The special issue to honor the late Prof. Larry L. Hench, the inventor of bioglass, has been published in the Int. Journal of Applied Glass Science. As stated by the editors, Prof. David Pye and Mario Affatigato, the life and contributions of one of the great glass scientists have been ably chronicled, including a letter by Dr. Steve W. Freiman, and the lead article by Dr. David C. Greenspan. Prof. Boccaccini was a guest editor of this Festschrift to honor Prof. Hench and our Institute has contributed two papers to this special issue [1, 2]. The lifetime’s work of Prof. Larry Hench will inspire future generations of researchers in the areas of glass and medicine. A tribute to Prof. Hench is published in the webpage of the American Ceramic Society.

[1] Trevelin, M., et al., Novel Double-Layered Conduit Containing Highly Bioactive Glass Fibers for Potential Nerve Guide Application, International Journal of Applied Glass Science, 7 (2016) 183–194.

[2] Balasubramanian, P., et al., Ion Release, Hydroxyapatite Conversion, and Cytotoxicity of Boron-Containing Bioactive Glass Scaffolds, Int. J. Appl. Glass Sci., 7 (2016) 206–215.