Top cited article in Int. J. Appl. Glass Sci.

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Our review paper “Nanoscale Bioactive Glasses in Medical Applications”, co-authored by Melek Erol-Taygun, Kai Zheng and Aldo R. Boccaccini, published in Int. J. Appl. Glass Sci. Vol. 4 (2013) [1] has been listed as the top cited article in the journal in 2013-2014, thus contributing to the increase of the Impact Factor 2015 (IF = 1.843 ) of the journal. Int. J. Appl. Glass Sci. now ranks as the #4 journal in its category, establishing itself as an indispensable source of knowledge on the development and application of glass materials.

[1] Erol-Taygun, M., Zheng, K. and Boccaccini, A. R., Nanoscale Bioactive Glasses in Medical Applications. Int. J. Appl. Glass Sci., 4 (2013) 136–148.