Our visiting researchers in this winter semester!

Gastwissenschaftler am Lehrstuhl Biomaterialien

We welcome our visiting researchers from Turkey (Fatih Erdem Baştan, Sakarya University), Spain (Julia M. Urena Alcazar, Universidad Carlos III, Madrid and Eugeni C. Recacha, Inst. of Ceramics Technology, Castellon), Italy (Mariangela Curcio, University of Basilicata, Daniela Trapani, Polytechnic of Milan), Argentina (Maria Laura Dittler, National University of La Plata) and China (Yongcong Fang, Tsinghua University), who are working on a variety of projects, including bioactive coatings by electrophoretic deposition, hydrogel scaffolds for soft tissue engineering, bioactivity tests on nanostructured surfaces, bioactive glass scaffolds, magnetic nanoparticles and biofabrication techniques.
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