New collaboration with Japan

Prof. A. R. Boccaccini, Dr. L. Liverani (Lehrstuhl Biomaterialien), Prof. A. Matsuda und Dr. G. Kawamura (Toyohashi University of Technology)

The project “Development of nano-scale artificial magnetic lattice (AML) and application for controlling light and electromagnetic wave” led by Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan, in which our Institute is one of the international partners, has been approved in the context of the Japanese Program for Advancing Strategic International Networks (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science). The other international partners are Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, University of Stuttgart, Germany, and The City College of New York, USA. We will collaborate with the group of Prof. Atsunori Matsuda, from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Information Engineering, Toyohashi University of Technology, in the field of electrophoretic deposition (EPD) of functional nanomaterials. In particular, the program involves exchange of scientific personnel and collaborative research in the field of new chemical and colloidal processing technologies, involving EPD, to replace physical processes for new, low-cost and large-dimension AML. In the picture, Prof. A. R. Boccaccini, Dr. L. Liverani (Institute of Biomaterials), Prof. A. Matsuda and Dr. G. Kawamura (Toyohashi University of Technology) during the recent visit of the Japanese colleagues to our Institute.