New international research projects at the Institute of Biomaterials

Two new projects funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) have been approved at the Institute of Biomaterials. One of the projects will investigate borosilicate sol-gel derived biomaterials in collaboration with researchers at the Department of Materials & Ceramic Engineering at University of Aveiro (Portugal) (group leader Prof. Mª Helena Fernandes). The second project involves collaboration with two research groups in Argentina in the field of cell interaction with nanostructured surfaces, namely with researchers at Lab. Integración de Señales Celulares, Instituto de Embriología e Histología de Mendoza, National University of Cuyo, Mendoza (head of group: Dr Diego M Bustos) and at INTEMA, National University of Mar del Plata (head of group: Prof. Gustavo Abraham). Prof. Boccaccini said: these projects add to our wide range of international collaborations and they will enable our PhD students and young investigators to travel to Portugal or Argentina to carry out research activities benefiting from such international network of collaborators, equally, we will be delighted to receive our colleagues from Aveiro, Mendoza and Mar del Plata for conducting part of the planned research activities in our laboratories.