Euro BioMAT conference in Weimar

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Our Institute was well represented at the 4th Euro BioMAT conference held in Weimar, Germany, on 9-10 May 2017. Prof. Boccaccini was member of the organising committee and he presented the oral contribution: “Electrophoretic deposition of multifunctional chitosan- bioactive glass composite coatings (on Mg alloy substrates)”. Dr. Liliana Liverani presented the oral contribution: “Bioactive multilayered electrospun scaffolds for interface tissue engineering applications”, Mr. Kai Zheng presented the oral/poster contribution entitled: “Synthesis of hollow mesoporous bioactive glass nanoparticles with uniform size and shape” and Mr Supachai Reakasame presented the poster entitled: “Development and Characterization of Hybrid Hydrogel Based on Oxidized Alginate and Keratin for Tissue Engineering Applications” (all pictured with Prof. Boccaccini). In the photo also Dr. Katrin Hurle (Mineralogy, FAU). The other photo shows members of the organising committee of Euro BioMAT (Prof. Petra Kluger, Fraunhofer IGB Stuttgart, Germany, Prof. Frank Witte Charité Berlin, Germany) with Prof. Regine Willumeit, Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, and Prof. Boccaccini. He is also pictured with Prof. Klaus Jandt, University of Jena, chairman of the conference.