Prof. Boccaccini at University of Westminster and Imperial College London (UK)

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On 24-26 July 2017 Prof. Boccaccini visited the Department of Life Sciences at University of Westminster, London, UK, where he met Prof. Ipsita Roy and (part of) her team. We have been collaborating with Prof. Roy’s research group for more than 10 years in the field of biopolymer-inorganic filler composites for biomedical applications, including scaffolds for bone tissue engineering, wound healing materials, more recently on biodegradable stents (e.g. in project ReBioStent) and currently in the framework of the EU ETN training network HyMedPoly developing antibiotic free antibacterial materials. Our latest joint paper in collaboration with Prof Roy’s group has been published earlier this year [1]. Prof. Boccaccini also visited the Department of Materials, Imperial College London, where he is currently visiting professor.


[1] R. Rai, et al., Highly elastomeric poly (3-hydroxyoctanoate) based natural polymer composite for enhanced keratinocyte regeneration, International Journal of Polymeric Materials and Polymeric Biomaterials 66 (2017) 326-335.