Prof. Boccaccini reelected Working Group “Biomaterials” coordinator of KMM-VIN

Prof. Boccaccini zusammen mit Prof. C. Hellmich.

At the General Assembly Meeting of the European Virtual Institute on Knowledge-based Multifunctional Materials (KMM-VIN ), <> held on 26th February 2019 in Brussels, Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini was reelected coordinator of the Working Group Biomaterials (together with Prof. C. Hellmich, Technical University of Vienna, Austria). KMM-VIN is a single legal entity with a supranational character to offer integrated basic and applied commercial research, educational and innovation activities in the field of knowledge-based multifunctional materials. The aim of KMM-VIN is to foster the creation of a powerful platform for research and development and industrial application of advanced multifunctional materials in order that Europe may become a global power in this field, thus contributing to enhancing the quality of life of European society. In the photos, Prof. C. Hellmich, <>, TU Vienna, Prof. M. Basista, Institute of Fundamental Technological Research (IPPT) <>,  Warsaw, Poland, and CEO of KMM-VIN, Prof. K. Dolinski, IPPT, Secretary of KMM-VIN, Prof Katarzyna Kowalczzyk-Gajewska, IPPT and Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini with Profs. Monica Ferraris, Milena Salvo, Federico Smeacetto and Cristina Balagna of Polytechnic of Turin; Italy.