Special Issue “Advanced Glasses, Composites and Ceramics for High Growth Industries” co-edited by Prof. Boccaccini published in the journal Materials

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The special issue “Advanced Glasses, Composites and Ceramics for High Growth Industries”, resulting from the EU funded (Horizon 2020) ITN project “CoACH“, has been published in the journal Materials. The special issue was co-edited by Prof. Milena Salvo (Polytechnic of Turin, Italy), Prof. Mike Reece (Queen Mary University, London, UK) and Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini and includes 14 open access papers. From our Institute, papers by CoACH researchers Dr. Nicoletta Toniolo and PhD students Francesca Ciraldo and Rocio Tejido-Rastrilla are included [1-3]. 1. Ciraldo, F.; Schnepf, K.; Goldmann, W.; Boccaccini, A. R., Development and Characterization of Bioactive Glass Containing Composite Coatings with Ion Releasing Function for Antibiotic-Free Antibacterial Surgical Sutures. Materials 2019, 12(3), 423. 2. Tejido-Rastrilla, R.; Ferraris, S.; Goldmann, W.; Grünewald, A.; Detsch, R.; Baldi, G.; Spriano, S.; Boccaccini, A. R., Studies on Cell Compatibility, Antibacterial Behavior, and Zeta Potential of Ag-Containing Polydopamine-Coated Bioactive Glass-Ceramic. Materials 2019, 12(3), 500 3. Rincón Romero, A.; Toniolo, N.; Boccaccini, A. R.; Bernardo, E. Glass-Ceramic Foams from ‘Weak Alkali Activation’ and Gel-Casting of Waste Glass/Fly Ash Mixtures. Materials 2019, 12(4), 588.