Scientific Board meeting of FunGlass Centre in Trencin, Slovakia

Prof. Dusan Galusek, Dr. Liverani und Prof. Boccaccini zusammen beim Treffen des wissenschaftlichen Beirats FunGlass.

Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini and Dr. Liliana Liverani attended the last meeting of the Scientific Board of the Centre for Functional and Surface Functionalized Glass (FunGlass) held on 13-15 March 2019 at Alexander Dubček University of Trenčín, Slovakia. The meeting brought together all scientific board members from Slovakia, Germany, Italy and Spain. The progress of the research activities of the Centre were discussed highlighting the progress and the development plans of the different Departments. Prof. Boccaccini is member of the Scientific Board of FunGlass and advisor of the Department of Biomaterials of the Centre. In the photos Prof. Boccaccini, Dr. Liverani and Prof. Dusan Galusek, FunGlass director. Also pictured, the current members of the FunGlass Department of Biomaterials.