Dr. Julietta V. Rau, CNR-ISM, Italy, visits the Institute of Biomaterials

Prof. Boccaccini zusammen mit Dr. Liverani und der Besucherin Dr. Rau.

Dr. Juietta V. Rau, senior researcher at National Research Council – Institute of the structure of matter (CNR-ISM), visited the Institute of Biomaterials on 25th April 2019. We collaborate with the research group of Dr. Rau in the field of bioactive glasses and glass-ceramics for orthopeadic antibacterial coatings. Our recent results have been published in the journal ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces[1]. Moreover we collaborate with Dr. Rau in the organisation of the biennial conference series “Biomaterials and Novel Technologies for Healthcare, BioMaH”, previous editions were held in Rome in 2016 and 2018, while the 3rd BioMaH conference will take place in Pisa, Italy, on October 13-16, 2020. Prof. Boccaccini is one of the presidents of the BioMAH confererence series. During her visit, Dr. Rau toured our laboratories and she presented the seminar: “Ion doped coatings and cements for biomedical implants”. [1] J. V. Rau, et al., “Cu-Releasing Bioactive Glass Coatings and Their in Vitro Properties”, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 11 (2019) 5812-5820.