Researchers from Argentina visit the Institute of Biomaterials

Prof. Ballarre, Nayla Lores und Dr. Julieta Merlo zusammen mit Prof. Boccaccini.

Three researchers from the Research Institute of Materials Science and Technology (INTEMA), National University of Mar del Plata, Argentina, are visiting our Institute. Prof. Josefina Ballarre, from the Applied Electrochemistry group, is visiting us with an Alexander von Humboldt Foundation fellowship together with Dr. Julieta Merlo, research associate at INTEMA. They are collaborating with investigators of our Institute on the development of a new series of bioactive coatings with drug delivery capability for orthopedic and dental applications. In the framework of a DAAD short-term fellowship, Ms Nayla J. Lores, PhD student at INTEMA, Biomedical Polymers Division, under supervision of Prof. Gustavo A. Abraham, is visiting our Institute and she is working on the cell biology characterisation of bioactive glass-biopolymer scaffolds obtained by 3D printing.