XVI Conference of the European Ceramic Society (ECERS) in Turin, Italy

Prof. Boccaccini vor dem Eingang zur XVI Konferenz der Europäsischen Gesellschaft für Keramik.

Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini attended the XVI Conference of the European Ceramic Society<https://www.ecers2019.org/>, which was held in Turin, Italy (16-20 June, 2019). Prof. Boccaccini presented the invited lecture: “MULTIFUNCTIONAL BIOACTIVE GLASSES RELEASING BIOLOGICALLY ACTIVE IONS: FROM BONE ENGINEERING TO WOUND HEALING”, in which he summarized the developments and applications of ion releasing bioactive glasses for bone and soft tissue regeneration. Prof. Boccaccini was also a co-organiser of the Session “Ceramics and Glasses for Healthcare” at the conference. He also presented the poster: “CHARACTERIZATION OF REFRACTORIES MADE FROM STEEL PRODUCTION SLAG FOR THERMAL ENERGY INTENSIVE INDUSTRIES”, co-authored by Ms Abi Sengottuvelan (PhD student) and colleagues from Finland, which included joint results obtained in the framework of the EU (HORIZON 2020) research project “Turning waste from steel industry into valuable low cost feedstock for energy intensive industry” (RESLAG). In the photos, Prof. Boccaccini with colleagues at ECERS 2019, including Prof. Monica Ferraris (Italy), Prof. Paolo Colombo (Italy, ECERS 2019 conference general chair), Prof. Sasa Novak (Slovenia), Prof. Bikramjit Basu (India), Prof. Jerome Chevalier (France), Prof. Chiara Vitale Brovarone (Italy), Prof. Omer van der Biest (Belgium), Prof. Janis Locs (Latvia), Prof. Dusan Galusek (Slokavia), and the co-chairs of the “Ceramics and Glasses for Healthcare” session: Prof. Anna Tampieri (Italy) and Prof. Isabel Izquierdo-Barba (Spain).