Summer 2019 Colloquium of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering

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Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini chaired the Summer Colloquium <> of the FAU Department of Materials Science and Engineering <> that took place on 18th July 2019. In his introduction Prof. Boccaccini highlighted the latest achievements of our Department, which included several awards and prizes collected by students and researchers of the different Department’s Institutes, the acquisition of substantial research funding and the achievement of high positions in national and international rankings (all documented in the Department webpage)<>. The scientific program included two invited speakers. Dr. Tayebeh Ameri, <> Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, LMU, Munich, presented the talk: “Near-IR sensitization of polymer/fullerene solar cells: controlling the morphology and transport in ternary blends”, while Dr. Olga Kasian,  Young Investigator Group: Material Transformations in Electrocatalysts, Helmholtz Centre Berlin for Materials and Energy (HZB), presented the talk: “Tuning atomic scale structure of materials to enhance their catalytic performance in energy conversion and storage applications”. Moreover prizes were awarded to outstanding students in Materials Science and Engineering and Nanotechnology, namely the awards of the company Semikron (represented by Mr Clemens Vennebusch), and the prizes of the Fa. Brose (represented by Prof. Dr. Peter Weidinger). Prof. Boccaccini acknowledged also the representatives of the Department’s student committee (Fachschaft) for their great effort in the organization of the Summer Party. The Department’s webpage informs about further details of the event.