PhD success in Colombia

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We congratulate Diana Ayala Valderrama who completed her PhD studies at Pedagogical and Technological University of Colombia, Departament Boyacá, Colombia, under supervision of Prof. Jairo Alberto Gomez Cuaspud. Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini was the co-supervisor of the thesis, entitled: “Design of glass-ceramic prototypes, from the reuse of slag, fly ash and glass hull, generated in the industrial processes of the department of Boyacá”. The graduation ceremony was on December 11, 2019. Diana spent 8 months at the Institite of Biomaterials in 2018. The results of the thesis have led to one publication [1] and other papers are in preparation. We congratulate Diana and wish her much success in her future career.

[1] D. Ayala Valderrama et al., Development and Characterization of Glass-Ceramics from Combinations of Slag, Fly Ash, and Glass Cullet without Adding Nucleating Agents, Materials 12 (2019) 2032. (LINK:  )