Prof. Boccaccini attended meeting with Rector of University of Mar del Plata, Argentina

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On 22nd Jan. 2020 Prof. Boccaccini attended the meeting, organised by the Bavarian University Centre for Latin America, BAYLAT, with Prof. Alfredo R. Lazzeretti, the Rector of the National University of Mar del Plata (UNMDP), Argentina, Prof Guenther Leugering, Vice-president for research, FAU, Prof. Andrea Pagni, BAYLAT director and Prof. Gian Luca Gardini, Chair of International Business and Society Relations with Focus on Latin America at FAU. There is currently an agreement between FAU and UNMDP for the exchange of researchers and students and for promoting academic collaboration between faculties of both Universities. Prof. Boccaccini highlighted that one long standing academic interaction of FAU with UNMDP is the Master student exchange program in Materials Science and Engineering in the context of the I.DEAR scheme , funded by the Argentine-German University Center (CUAA/DAHZ) , established between the two universities (and University of Saarland) in 2014. This program has supported the exchange of numerous Master students and academic staff members between the FAU Department of Materials Science and Engineering and Materials Science and Technology Research Institute (INTEMA) in Mar del Plata.