Virtual Glass Summit 2020 of the American Ceramic Society

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Marcela Arango-Ospina (PhD student) and Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini represented our Institute at the ACerS Virtual Glass Summit 2020, organized by the American Ceramic Society. They presented their talks on 3rd August 2020 in the session “Structure and Properties of Bioactive Glasses”, chaired by Prof. Leena Hupa (Abo Akademie University, Finland). The following presentations were given:

M. Arango-Ospina: “In vitro bioactivity of silicon oxycarbide-based bioactive glasses for bone tissue engineering” (a collaboration with Dr. E. Ionescu, Dr. I. Gonzalo-Juan, Dr. F. Xie, Prof. R. Riedel, TU Darmstadt, and Dr. Z. Neskakova, Univ. Trencin, Slovakia).

A. R. Boccaccini: “Bioactive glasses with tuned ion releasing capability as versatile biomaterials for tissue engineering” (a collaboration with Dr. Kai Zheng, Institute of Biomaterials, FAU).