Kristin Engel (former Bachelor student) receives Oldfield Award 2020 of Society of Glass Technology

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Ms Kristin Engel, who carried out her Bachelor thesis in our Institute, has won the Society of Glass Technology (UK) Oldfield Award 2020 (3rd prize) for her Bachelor thesis: “Influence of the replacement of silica by boron trioxide on the properties of bioactive glass scaffolds”. The project was carried out at the Institute of Biomaterials (LS Biomaterialien, WW7), under supervision of Dr. Katharina Schuhladen and Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini. The award is open to students worldwide who have carried a final research project related to any experimental, theoretical or practical work in the field of amorphous solids, glasses, glass-ceramics or sol-gel materials, glass history and archaeology or glass arts, technology or design. The award consists of a cash prize, one year’s membership to the Society and the invitation to present the results at the Annual Conference of the Society. We congratulate Kristin on this wonderful achievement.